Saturday, September 10, 2016

After 3 years...

A lot of things have changed since last time I've been here. I'm not an Au Pair any more. I had moved to London, had lived there for a year having a 9-5 job and then...

Unlike other people I've decided to make changes not on Monday, not on 1st January but just in the middle of summer 2015. That was when my New Year had started.
After giving up my old life: relationship, flat and a job, I was left with boxes filled out with my stuff and absolutely no idea what to do with my life.
Luckily for me, the unknown turned up the best that could ever happen to me.
I stopped working full time and I got few part-time jobs to manage with my finances, I completely changed my life and become much happier person and started to make my dreams come true.
I've always wanted to travel and that's what I went for.
It started with going back to Poland and two weeks of relaxation, after that was a quite and peaceful week in Cornwall, UK, next Edinburgh, Scotland, shortly after that Copenhagen. In November was Brugge, Belgium and Cologne in Germany. December & January, two trips to Edinburgh and again Poland. February - Frankfurt, Germany. When it came to March I was absolutely and crazy exited because that was my first trip outside Europe - we flew to Mauritius and South Africa. When we came back in April, we had lots of work and.. there we go. It was already May and a trip to Dublin, Ireland. In June, we decided to come back to Africa to Rabat in Morocco and spent there a week. And July Poland and Germany again.
And there I was. One year after my new life have started.
This was such an amazing year. I couldn't ask for more. I have lots of exiting travel plans to come and that's why I'm back. I've decided to come back and write stories about my travelling adventures.

I'll keep you updated guys. I can't wait! Take care and see you soon! :)

P.S. Photo from the road trip UK-Poland taken somewhere in Germany.

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