Wednesday, April 5, 2017


view from my road, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

Some time ago, I'm not even sure when, I decided that travelling is definitely ''my thing''.
Hmm.. decided might not be a good word to describe it, but at some point it appeared to me that THIS IS IT - my hobby, the way I want to be, how I want to spend my free time and money.

I'd always thought that travelling would be difficult, and that I would never be able to do it. Fortunately for me, I took the opportunities that presented themselves and made some choices, and I managed it!

Not all of us can see it and understand it but... We travel every day. Every step we take is a little journey - going to work, visiting friends, going to the shop, going on holidays. Some people say that travelling is not for them and they like to stay at home. Fair point. I do too. But I have itchy feet 😂 so can't be at home for too long.

I think that every little journey we make helps us to develop as human beings - emotionally, also our views and skills. Every person we meet: in the shops, at the doctors, on holidays, at work - they are part of our journey. The journey called life. And even though this blog is supposed to be about visiting different places all around the world, the main mission, is to encourage people to discover new things, to open themselves up for new opportunities. Maybe have a little chat in the shop with the lady who you see every day, she might have a surprising story to tell you.

To be a good traveler, and to travel through life, you need to be a good observer and listener. Make friends, be happy, be positive. Good things happen to good people. You never know where a smile can get you.

You might think that the holidays in Spain you always dreamed of could never really happen, but then look around you.. Maybe there, just around the corner, a Spanish friend is waiting for you and he/she will bring Spain to you - teach you the language, show you the cuisine, also travel with you.

Speak to your colleagues, love your clients - maybe one day one of these clients will want to ''poach" you from your current job and offer you a job in your dream city, be it Copenhagen or Hong Kong.

Some people are scared of travelling. It doesn't matter. Just make little steps in the world that you know. Try to discover something new everyday, and then.. It becomes an addiction, you won't be able to stop! 😊

Sometimes on my travels, I just chill.. I Sleep in late, have a breakfast in the local café, watch people passing by, just let the life go and enjoy it.

In Santorini, we had long, slow walks, sitting around at the restaurants and eating dinner and just watching this amazing sunset every night. We weren't rushing around anywhere. Our plan was to enjoy ourselves and relax, calm mind and just be happy. We spent a lot of time speaking to locals and having wine. But when we were in Barcelona we had little time and wanted to see so many places we just rushed from one thing to another to see everything from the list.

Both options work for me and make me happy. Every journey is different. But the only thing that stays the same - is a hunger for an adventure 😉

So even if we stay at home, I try to make a plan to see or do something new. There are always so many options. We recently discovered squash & badminton at our local gym and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Each and every one of these little discoveries, makes us into a different person, they change something in our life. I didn't really like sports before and now I'm so sad when we miss out on playing because it's so much fun! If you find something that you really really like, try to go for more - and see your life change into the life you have always wanted,

If you love your life the way it is - WOW, that's awesome!! But it's always really nice to discover new things that we like, isn't it? 😊

No matter where and no matter how we travel. The most important thing is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to experience all of the new tastes of life.

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